Becca Clason is a tactile lettering artist and co-founder of her studio,  So Mighty, which creates stop motion videos, tactile lettering, and event installations. She is also the founder and creator of LetterWest, an annual conference and community for people who love hand-lettering, and co-founder of Love Letters Museum, an interactive pop-up exhibit in Salt Lake City.

Becca and Josh Clason run So Mighty, a stop-motion lettering studio, working with brands and ad agencies from all over the world to create social media videos, TV commercials, event installations, and book or magazine covers.


She is the creator of LetterWest. In 2017 Becca put on her first LetterWest event, a retreat for people who love lettering. In 2018, she held another successful retreat, and in 2019, she expanded LetterWest to be a full multi-day conference with over 200 attendees.

In collaboration with Josh Clason, John Connors, and Sophie Weichers, Becca co-founded Love Letters, an interactive popup exhibit in Salt Lake City about finding art in the alphabet, which features art and installations from local and international artists. The exhibit runs until September 2019.

Becca is based near Salt Lake City, Utah.


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