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Becca Clason is a stop motion animator and lettering artist who designs and animates food, paper, and objects. Her work is used in commercials and social media videos for worldwide brands such as Starbucks, American Express, Dunkin', Kroger, Blue Diamond, and Facebook. She also designs book covers and magazine covers.

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Becca Clason makes stop-motion videos and food lettering for brands and ad agencies from all over the world. Her work is created for social media videos, TV commercials, installations, book cover art, and editorial artwork.

Becca is based in Cache Valley, Utah, USA, and she works remotely with brands and agencies to create and shoot commissioned videos and art from her studio.


In 2017 she created LetterWest, for which she planned and hosted retreats and a conference for people who love hand-lettering over the following few years. Craft Lake City now runs the event, so click here for more details about the next LetterWest event. 

Becca is married to her husband and sometimes business partner, Josh Clason, and they have two sons. When she's not in the studio, she enjoys running, mountain biking, making latte art as a home barista, reading, building Legos, and playing chess with her kids.  

Becca Clason is available for speaking engagements. 

Selected Clients

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