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LetterWest is a community for people who love lettering.


In 2017 Becca Clason created a lettering retreat for 40 attendees to attend talks and workshops and spend quality time with industry leaders and lettering peers at Bear Lake, Utah, and in 2018 the retreat was held in Heber City, Utah. In 2019 we expanded LetterWest to become a conference with 200+ attendees from all over the world


Select past speakers and workshop instructors: Ken Barber, Jessica Hische, Martina Flor, Gemma O'Brien, Lauren Hom, Stefan Kunz, Nick Misani, Lisa Congdon, Erik Marinovich, Adé Hogue, Molly Jacques, Craig Winslow, Roxy and Phoebe, Juan Carlos Pagan, Eric Friedensohn (Efdot), Ricardo Gonzalez (Itsaliving), 

Instagram: @letter_west

LetterWest Conference June 2019

LetterWest Retreat August 2018

LetterWest Retreat August 2017