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Love Letters Museum

Love Letters is an interactive pop-up exhibit in Salt Lake City that was co-developed and created by Becca Clason, John Connors, Josh Clason, and Sophie Weichers. Our So Mighty fabricator and editor, Matt McDowell, was also integral in the creation and build of Love Letters. We commissioned several artists to create pieces for the exhibit, including Stefan Kunz, Craig Winslow, Elizabeth Gray, Jill De Haan, Ann Chen, Joseph Alessio, Tayler Mitchell, Michelle Christensen, Tiny Art Show, Fell, Mark Caneso, Lisa Congdon, Matisse Hales, and Skyler Chubak. Becca helped concept, curate, design, and style many elements of the exhibit as well as create the "Write On" wall installation (made of hundreds of erasers and over 6000 pencils) and the Love Letters blocks stop motion video. 

Our mission statement is: It's all art, and we're all artists. In our exhibit, we invite visitors to take a closer look at books, the stories they contain, and then to peer closer still, into words and letterforms. Language is a gift, and through it, we have the power to connect with others.


The exhibit runs June 21 through September 14, 2019 in Salt Lake City. Follow along on Instagram @lovelettersmuseum.

Top Video: Filmed by Josh Clason, Edited by Matt McDowell.



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