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Client Project

Planet Oat

I loved working on this project for Planet Oat's frozen desserts with Decoded Advertising, and not only because I'm now a pro scooper. 

Decoded's creative team, Joyce Kuan and Annemarie Cullen, came up with the delicious concepts, and I created customized lettering to work with the idea. I also created sketches and storyboards, some of which you can see at the bottom of the page along with several behind-the-scenes photos of the shoots.


I provided the lettering, food and prop styling, lighting, shooting, animating, and retouching. My editor Matt McDowell edited the videos for us. Bronx Audio did the music/sfx, and I did the audio layback and final exporting.

"Having It All" was created to be a rich banner ad, but I've included it here in video format.

This project was truly a pleasure and a blessing to work on, and things went so smoothly due to the amazing communication and coordination by Linzy Anderson, senior producer from Decoded Advertising.

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