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Client Project


The Integer Group came to me to create a food lettering design for them for Starbucks using coffee beans and coffee grounds in a light-green, at-home scene.

I created custom lettering for "Since '71" and "Roast" which I created practically using coffee grounds, "Pike Place" was created using whole beans in knocked-out type version of that on the packaging, and I matched the "Starbucks" lettering to that of the brand's logotype.

For a visual element, I created lines of whole coffee beans that gradually turned into partial pieces, then into coffee grounds. I styled the scene, adjusted lighting, added bubbles to the coffee in the mug, and lastly, used my own hand to model.

See below for a 9x16 version of the still image, a timelapse video showing the process, a couple of behind-the-scenes images, and the final pre-production sketch.

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